Silica in Ensuring Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair

There are thousands of natural products and creams coming out to the market that claim to be natural beautifiers. While many of them work and can give you the results you are looking for its important to give your skin the essential nutrition it requires to be naturally beautiful.

Out of the many minerals the body needs to engage in multiple functions, silica remains persistent when it comes to the development of healthy nails, skin and hair. One day we imagine that silica supplementation will get as popular as Slimera Garcinia supplements have, but until then – we must share the news, benefits, and uses of taking a daily silica supplement.

Natures Source Of Beauty

natural-beautyThough an important body requirement, silica is a trace mineral. This means, the body requires minimal amounts to remain healthy. This small amount is critical for different body parts such as; teeth, bones, blood vessels, hair, nails, and tendons. There are websites dedicated to teaching and showing you what is silica and how it works.

Also silica is involved in the formation of collagen and bone tissues, which makes the body stick together. Moreover, essential levels of silica present it the body can counteracts the effects of excessive aluminum in the system.

Silica can be obtained naturally through consuming; cherries, apples, oranges, oats, unrefined cereals, seeds, and almonds. However, most foods that are rich in silica provide it as non-bio-available or as an alumina silicate form that can not be utilized by the body and is often excreted.

Supplements derived from herbs like equisetum, arvense or bamboos are rich in silica and ideal for reversing possible deficiencies.

Benefits of Silica


Silica is one of the biggest components of collagen, the connective tissue that makes up most of the skin. Having well toned, and sufficient collagen makes the skin softer and younger. Moreover, it makes the skin supple and easily moisturized.

When collagen is damaged, silica is required to rebuild and regenerate  connective tissues. In addition, silica is great at combating moderate and mild acne through boosting the production of collagen. This in turn ensures that the outer skin cells remain healthy and less prone to inflammation as a result of hormonal problems that can cause acne. Extra attention should be shed on the natural silica content found in food grade diatomaceous earth. People who have used Diatomaceous Earth regularly have experienced an exponentially visible and useful improvement in their overall complexion and texture of their skin.


Silica combats hair loss, thinning and lack of luster through ensuring hormonal balance. In females, an imbalance in sex hormones is the leading cause of hair thinning and loss. Silica works to restore hair vitality, prevent hair thinning and alleviate hair loss without requiring hormone-boosting herbs. Additionally, it takes numerous nutrients to marginal body parts such as hair to ensure that the follicles are well supplied with crucial minerals that boost hair vitality and growth.


In the current culture, nails are the hallmark of beauty especially in women. Silica may be ideal for you if you are not happy with your nails. Whether they have spots, ridges or are brittle, silica can help transports all the necessary nutrients to the nails. This assists in feeding the nail bed with crucial nutrients that encourage growth and strength.

Though silica can be obtained from consuming certain foods, its hard to obtain the required levels from diet alone. The rate of metabolism, age and eating habits affect the amount of silica the body can absorb. Therefore, taking silica supplements can be recommended to help boost the diet intake and strengthen the nails, hair, and skin.

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